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"Trust, but verify."

Ronald Reagan

Every business or professional is susceptible to multiple forms of theft, fraud and loss. As a result, companies must take preemptive measures to protect their assets, both physical and financial.

Since founding my company in 2011, I have served almost 1000 separate customers and taken roughly 25,000 inquiries from the general public. Every policy, procedure and agreement that I implement or exchange with a customer is based on first-hand experience in the day-to-day operation of a home improvement service and sole-proprietorship, or standard precautionary disclosures for legal or liability concerns.

Whereas a public service is entrusted to provide a service or commodity to any and all members of a community, a business reserves the legal right to refuse service to anyone, at any time, for any reason that does not violate a state or federal anti-discrimination law. Ultimately, it is the sole responsibility of every property owner to accomplish his or her home improvement needs or objectives, or select and hire a contractor who can accommodate their ideal project budget, completion date, terms of employment and other logistical or technical needs and goals that he or she may have.

For referrals to other qualified contractors, please consult the Better Business Bureau of Central and Eastern Kentucky

Thank you for your interest!


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