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Terms and Conditions

Unless stated otherwise, no service will be rendered without a legally binding contract.

Until full payment is received for services, complete records of expenses, labor activities and written correspondence with the customer will be maintained, including: Contracts, retail receipts, timesheets, emails, text messages, handwritten notes, and time- and date-stamped photographs of the work and subject property.

Any blatantly negligent or discourteous action by the customer that directly causes an otherwise avoidable loss of equipment or previously scheduled labor will not be excused for any non-emergency reason, and may or will result in termination of services and/or charges for said losses.

(See examples)

Under no circumstances, without express written and/or oral permission or instructions from a customer, will the owner of this business knowingly, deliberately conduct himself, interact with a customer, operate the business or perform any work-related action in an amateur or non-professional manner, or in a manner that could result in litigation; personal injury; damage to personal property; the defamation or tarnishing of the company's name or reputation; give a customer grounds to evade paying full price for services; or otherwise have a damaging effect on the owner's ability to make a living in his current profession.

Consultations and services will be scheduled, cancelled or terminated based on the following criteria:

  • Does the customer read, listen or respond to important technical, legal or financial information or questions relayed to them about their work request?

  • Does the customer appear to be competent to personally represent him or herself in legal and financial matters?

  • Blatant discrimination, disrespect, harassment, invasion of privacy or other offensive non-work-related dialogue or actions by anyone affiliated with the work request or subject property

  • Blatant dishonesty or deceptiveness, avoidance of responsibility or breach of a written or verbal contract, agreement or disclosure


In Kentucky, using false or misleading actions or statements to acquire service from a business constitutes theft by deception (KRS 514.040) and/or theft of services (KRS 514.060), both Class D felonies.


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