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Please consult me about issues that do not require an inspection by a licensed contractor or city or state inspector.

I own and use a comprehensive set of plumbing and electrical tools.

  • Repair of busted/leaking water pipes

  • Icemaker/dishwasher water lines

  • Faucet/toilet repair/replacement

  • Garbage disposal replacement

  • Exterior spigot replacement

  • Switch/outlet replacement

  • Drain line clean-out/repair

  • Light fixture replacement

  • Valve repair/replacement

  • Dishwasher replacement

  • Ceiling fan replacement

  • Water pipe insulation

  • And more. Just ask.

Services Not Offered:

  • *Stand-alone faucet installation/repair

  • *Stand-alone toilet installation/repair

  • *Stand-alone electrical repair

  • *Stand-alone drain repair

  • *Stand-alone leak repair

*Will perform in conjunction w/ other work

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