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Preparing a Home for Sale




Compared to realtors, contractors and other real estate professionals, many home sellers are inexperienced or misinformed about the real estate sales process, often misallocating time and money on projects that do not necessarily increase property value or facilitate a timely sale.

Know Your Audience

Naturally, young people comprise the majority of prospective buyers. Therefore, old or 'out-of-date' fixtures and decorations should be removed or replaced with more contemporary furnishings. Regardless, everything in and around the property should function properly and looks its best at time of showing and purchase. 

Don’t get ‘low-balled’

Neither party in a financial transaction wants to be left 'holding the bag' after money is finished changing hands. When making an offer, the typical buyer will seek a financial concession for an anticipated improvement or repair equal to roughly twice the actual cost of the repair. Any obvious signs of damage, deterioration or neglect should be repaired or concealed through cleaning, spackling, caulking, painting and other economical techniques.

Time is Money

If and when circumstances allow, larger projects should be delayed until the house is vacant to minimize both labor costs and damage to personal property.


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