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Updated or remodeled bathrooms can add tremendous appeal and resale value to your home.

*I am not a licensed plumber, electrician or HVAC technician.*

  • Installation of sink, faucet, vanity, towel rack, medicine cabinet, mirror, light and other fixtures

  • Installation of drywall, tile, laminate, paneling and other wall, floor, and ceiling coverings

  • Demolition, wallpaper removal, spackling and other preparation steps

  • Trim, caulking, painting and other finishing touches

  • And more. Just ask.​

Services Not Offered:

  • Tiled shower floors

  • *Stand-alone faucet installation/repair

  • *Stand-alone shower door replacement

  • *Stand-alone toilet installation/repair

  • *Stand-alone tile/grout/caulk repair

*Will perform in conjunction w/ other work

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