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"Morgan, you did a phenomenal job. There's no one out there like you with your skills and work ethic. I can't praise or thank you enough."

Cathy Linder

Beginning in the military, I've been getting dirty and working with my hands and tools most of my adult life. I've repaired (and washed) $30 million jets, remodeled houses wall-to-wall and performed the filthiest, most exhausting manual labor and clean-up projects that you can imagine. Never 'too good' to do anything, I'm that go-to guy when you have to get it done, but dread the thought of doing it.


My heart bleeds for anyone who doesn't love to work. It's a time-consuming and inescapable part of life, but properly leveraged, a life-long source of pride and confidence (and a phenomenal form of exercise, mental and physical).

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A fanatic for challenges, new experiences, and tasks of any size or scope. A perfectionist by nature, if I can't complete the project to your satisfaction and mine, I must decline the offer. Equipped with two trucks, a trailer and an arsenal of organized, professional-grade tools, I can accomplish a wide variety of property improvement projects - 'big or small, inside or out'.


No criminal record, substance abuse, or history of unemployment. Debt-free, excellent credit. Non-smoker. Lifelong health and fitness devotee. Good schools and great parents (had to brush and floss every night.) Graduate of the UK Gatton College of Business (2002) and U.S. Marine Corps Officer Candidate School (2001). 

Customers often ask, "How did you get into 'this'?"


In Magoffin County, KY and most rural or mountain communities of yesteryear, young males typically inherited an inclination toward tool hoarding, do-it-yourself home improvement, shade tree auto repair, improvisational carpentry, i.e. 'cobbling', or in my Father's case, fine woodworking and furniture-building. Since I was old enough to swing a hammer, Dad and I have tinkered in the workshop and tackled household fix-it projects together, from making Shaker boxes and lathe-turned wooden bowls, to trash compactor repair and beyond. Almost daily in my work, I find myself 'doing something that Dad would do.'

Handyman Lexington KY, Contractors, Morgan Salyer, Get it Done Guy Handyman

Although I completed my tour on active duty almost 25 years ago, I still credit four short years in the United States Marine Corps ("and Mom") with much of my overall character and life skills. In the Corps, we learn how to think fast, move fast and make things happen, often with little or nothing to work with and little or no time in which to do it. Elevated standards of integrity, professionalism and personal conduct are drilled into us at an impressionable age, which tend to stay with us long after shedding the uniform. The sense of pride, purpose and accomplishment that I enjoyed every day in the Service is not always easy to replicate in civilian life, but I never stop trying.

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Focused, strong-willed and fiercely independent. Diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. Frankly, few customers would use the term 'people person.' Among other things, I appreciate good bourbon, firm handshakes, classic rock 'n' roll and humble, down-to-Earth people.

Never married, no kids. Have never gambled, drawn SSI, or 'moved back home.' Completely self-supporting, I take my work seriously. Fortunately, my 'work' is also one of my favorite hobbies.


​You will appreciate my work ethic and attitude ("Giving up is always the last resort"). I do not cease work or leave a job-site for any unnecessary reason. Struggling over a name for my new business, I asked a loyal customer for ideas. He said, "You're the 'get it done' guy."



Thank you for your interest!

"We were all saying again today how amazed we are at all you accomplished and how you made it possible for us to move in to a cleaner and healthier house... Actually I think we are your biggest fans. (My husband) said he's never seen anyone work that hard. You made an indelible impression on (our children) with your hard work, can-do attitude, dedication and commitment. As a parent I appreciate that. I wish I could afford to have you around all the time."

Kristen Jensen

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