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"One of the few contractors that actually exceeded  expectations. I  would hire and refer Morgan any time."

Tony Holland


Beginning in the military, I've been getting dirty and working with my hands and tools most of my adult life. I've repaired (and washed) $30 million jets, remodeled houses wall-to-wall and performed the filthiest, most exhausting manual labor and clean-up projects you can imagine. Never 'too good' to do anything, I'm that go-to guy when you have to get it done, but dread the thought of doing it.


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Handyman Lexington KY, Contractor, Repair, Get it Done Guy, Morgan Salyer

*Not licensed or certified

Handyman Lexington KY, Contractor, Carpenter, Morgan Salyer, Get it Done Guy

"We have had bad experiences with other contractors and were hesitant to hire another, but Morgan is the guy you wish you could find. Very honest (returned extra materials and gave us the money), extremely hard working (you wouldn't believe how fast he's moving after 10 hours outside), and reliable. If he says he will be there and get it done, it will happen. No question. No oversight needed. Incredible guy (and a nice guy too). We have done several jobs with him - all exactly what you want, with no worry. I wish someone had told me to use him years ago."

Peter Allison





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